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Gol Management Group, Inc. (GMG - the company) provides their clients with a specialized service that is tailored towards the individual and specific needs of the football player both in the immediate and mediate future. GMG focuses its efforts in all aspects of the player's life so that the athlete can focus only on what he does best: play football ! FIFA Agent Argentina

Player Scouting and Placement


GMG's Scouts have all been exposed to the game of football since birth, having played the game, coached the game, and watched countless hours of film analyzing the game. They have ties with many of the top clubs within Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and USA giving GMG first‐hand access to new players and the capability to implement players from smaller clubs into these top clubs.

Player Representation and Public Relations

GMG provides services in all aspects of the player's life during as well as post‐career. The Management Team manages the player's needs off of the football field so that the player can focus on playing the game without distractions.

Contract Negotiations

The Legal Department of GMG possesses more than 20 years of experience drafting and negotiating contracts. This experience gives them a significant advantage in order to accommodate the true needs of the individual athlete. The final objective is to transfer the dreams and necesities of the player to provide the most beneficial contract for the player and minimizing unfavorable circumstances.

Career Planning and Management

The career of a football player is defined by a variety of factors including, but not limited to: goals scored, championships won, tenure at a Club, relationships with other players, and high‐profile transfers. In order to achieve these, the football player’s career must be planned out in advance so that when the opportunities arise to make an important progression, the correct and most beneficial decision for the player can be made.

Personal Marketing and Social Responsibility

An important aspect of a player's career is the exposure the public has to them. By providing the player with marketing opportunities as well as a deep and thorough involvement in the community, the player will benefit from the compensation and public image as well as establish himself above the rest giving rise to future transfer options.

Transfer Negotiation

Club to club transfers is an important step in the career of any professional football player. As such, these negotiations must not be taken lightly and conducted in the most professional manner. Our staff has the expertise and experience to allow the negotiations to go through smoothly, always keeping our client’s interest as the utmost priority.

GMG has as part of its staff a CPA whom also holds a Masters in Business Taxation. With over 30 years in the Accounting field, our client’s can feel secure that their resources will be kept safe.

Legal Services

GMG has as its President a lawyer licensed by the ABA (American Bar Association) specifically dedicated to the practice of sports law. Having worked on all sides of the law she understands the modus operandi of each allowing her to give the player a more complete and flexible legal support.

Financial Planning and Investment Opportunities

Understanding that the life of a football player is short lived i.e. 10 years at most, and knowing that a great majority of these athletes end up broke within a few years after leaving the sport, we have developed a program that ensures that this unfortunate scenario does not occur to our players. Part of our mission is to tailor a specific financial program that ensures his peace of mind in the future. Simply put, the objective is to make the resources earned in a short span of time last an entire life time.

Personal Growth

A large component of GMG is producing and developing well-rounded human beings that are not defined by their actions inside a football field, but rather by who they are outside a field. As many retired players have stated, when they reflect upon their life, they realize that the only thing they know how to do is kick a football. It is our duty to ascertain that none of our players retire thinking in such way. Only those who develop skills outside the sport are the ones that will be successful and better‐rounded people for the rest of their lives.

Post‐career Retirement Planning

Many football players reach the end of their playing career without having realized that their profession was finite. At that point, some realize that they do not know what to do with the rest of their lives either because they never thought about it or because they don't have any skills other than playing football. GMG will make sure that every single one of their players has multiple avenues to choose from when their playing career comes to an end by providing them with the tools to choose from during their playing career. The moment their career comes to an end, the player needs to have the post‐career life in order. For those who want to remain in the football world, we will enroll them in classes ranging from Coaching to Physical Education to Nutrition. For those who want to pursue a career outside the football world, a college education will be suggested.

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